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KKStream Launches BlendVision SaaS Solution to Open Up the Possibilities of Streaming Across All Industries

KKStream Launches BlendVision SaaS Solution to Open Up the Possibilities of Streaming Across All Industries



KKStream, a leading provider of B2B video streaming solutions, today unveiled its BlendVision modular streaming platform with three software solutions.

They include KALEIDO, a one-stop streaming platform; MOMENT, a high-quality live streaming service; and LOOM, an AI-powered video encoding solution. BlendVision’s Streaming-as-a-Service model is built on KKStream’s extensive experience helping global companies establish streaming applications. Designed to be quick and easy to set up, the new services empower businesses of any scale to deliver world-class videos to their audience in no time.

The Asia-Pacific OTT media streaming market is growing fast: it is expected to be worth nearly US$88.3 billion by 2025, according to Statista. Companies across a wide range of industries are adopting streaming and online video as part of their digital transformation efforts. For those with no prior experience, it can be difficult to know where to begin. BlendVision aims to demystify the process and offer a flexible, ready-to-run service that is adaptable to the needs of individual businesses, from startups and SMEs to large enterprises. “Through the Streaming-as-a-service business model, our BlendVision solution enables companies to build their own video platform in an instant and shorten their time to market,” said Eric Tsai, President of KKStream. “We hope to make streaming a standard business tool that is accessible to everyone.”

BlendVision’s KALEDIO, MOMENT, and LOOM positioned to advance the streaming market

KKStream’s BlendVision video streaming service can help companies solve their streaming challenges. The modular Steaming-as-a-Service model is supplemented with professional consulting service to allow customers create a second growth curve by leveraging the following three products:

Featuring AI video encoding, it enables effortless migration of content to cloud-based OTT platforms and cross device viewing via different applications. It also integrates monetization and recommendation systems.

BlendVision MOMENT makes it possible for viewers around the world to watch and participate in live performances, competitions and other events through premium quality, low-latency streaming technology across various platforms.

Uses patented per-title-encoding (PTE) technology to encode videos in the most efficient manner as AI technology analyzes each frame, resulting in high quality videos at the smallest file sizes. This saves bandwidth and storage to lower the operational cost of streaming platforms.

In addition, KKStream highly values digital copyright protection. All BlendVision products are equipped with complete DRM protection. The intellectual property of all content creators can be fully protected through features such as geo-lock, playback device limitations, and content encryption.

BlendVision trusted by key customers in Taiwan and Japan for their streaming solutions

BlendVision has helped customers across diverse industries in APAC, spanning telecoms, media, online events and ticketing, online education, and home fitness. It helped cut bandwidth usage and operation cost for one of Taiwan’s top telecom operator’s own OTT video service and enabled Foxconn Group to present an online celebration in 4K quality and multi-angles viewing experiences across 20 countries. In Japan, the telecom operator KDDI chose KKStream to operate their OTT video service “TELASA” with 4K VOD content, AI recommendation, and event live streaming, in conjunction with TV Asahi. The service amassed over 100 thousand subscribers at launch and has over 1 million subscribers to date.

“KKStream is not just a streaming technology provider, but a key strategic partner that helps us realize cross-platform integration and improved service,” said Satoshi Miyaji, General Manager of KDDI’s Entertainment Promotion Department. “The BlendVision streaming service combines past consulting experience, streaming technology, and AI expertise to fulfill the demands of live streaming, video optimization, and highly-integrated end-to-end streaming platforms. We hope that KKStream can continue to grow with BlendVision and enable all industries to leverage online media streaming.”

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