Painless Service Transition With Minimized Integration Effort For Live And VOD Content

Painless Service Transition With Minimized Integration Effort For Live And VOD Content



uP!!! is a Japanese ticketing service, operated by KDDI, one of the top three telecom operators in Japan, and PIA, the biggest ticketing company in Japan. The platform provides a premium experience of live music events, theater performance, and other exclusive VIP events.
In 2018, uP!!! hoped to achieve vertical integration by adding video streaming services for live concerts (Live Streaming) and video playback (VOD) so that their users could enjoy enriched entertainment experiences.

Value Delivered

In order to expand their paid-subscription service business, uP!!! aimed to diversify its product offerings with more attractive and premium content. Live music event streaming was a priority to enable such possibilities.

The first integration of uP!!! products with BlendVision involved streaming 8-hour long nonstop live events for 3 consecutive days and proved incredibly successful. The video service launch has expanded uP!!! product offerings in addition to ticketing and enhanced user experiences as a whole.


BlendVision assisted uP!!! in integrating the latest linear and VOD streaming technologies onto its platform. We provided the following solutions:

BlendVision Livestream

Live services for transcoding, adaptive streaming, and operational support ensured smooth experiences for live events.

BlendVision Encoding

Transcoding uP!!!’s videos into a digital format that is compatible with a studio-approved DRM system ensured full protection for copyrighted content.


BlendVsion implemented a customized web player page that is compatible with both mobile and PC platforms, expediting uP!!!’s go-to-market timeline.

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