3 Tips to Make Employee Training Easier with Live Streaming

3 Tips to Make Employee Training Easier with Live Streaming



Live streaming is a vital training tool for corporate employees, as well as a great way to improve your training workflows and increase employee engagement, particularly among remote or hybrid workers. Live streamed training can occur in real time, 100% “live,” or it can take the form of pre-recorded content, shared later as on-demand, asynchronous education or training content. Whichever form of live streaming you prefer, you’ll find your online employee training is easier and more productive when the use of expert live streaming is implemented.

To get you started in the learning process, below are a few tips on how to Make Employee Training Easier with Live Streaming.

Tip #1: Live Streaming Is A Secure Solution For All Corporate Communications And Training

Live streaming tools commonly found on social media may be fine for catching up with family and friends, but they’re usually a big NO for the corporate world. That’s because most businesses have stringent privacy laws when it comes to issues involving compliance, data security, and IP. And unfortunately, sensitive client and employee data, training materials, and other confidential information can be easily accessed by hackers and other malicious actors when corporations use video platforms lacking high-level security measures.

Concerns like these have led many to avoid using non-secure platforms like YouTube and other social media/video sharing services. Today, businesses are instead opting for the added security of using professional-level live streaming services like KKStream for employee training video solutions and other streaming needs.

Benefits of using live streaming for client, employee data

Professional live streaming services are equipped with several robust features to protect sensitive data, like credit card numbers and other information. For example, KKStream offers high tech security features like access controls for users. This means only authorized staff can view your online employee training videos, which may include proprietary info or other content management may not want viewed by competitors or the public.

Tip #2: Make Cross-Border Asynchronous Streaming A Key Component Of Your Training

The days of in-office meetings are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Because of this, leaders are looking for better, more efficient ways to train and manage their workforce, which may be located across the globe. Cross border asynchronous streaming is one way to do this.

Cross border asynchronous streaming means viewers can access/watch online training content when (and where) it’s most convenient, as on-demand content. Some common, real world examples of how asynchronous streaming and learning work together include live webinars and in-class learning being recorded and made accessible online for future viewing by those who couldn’t attend live. The fact the content can be viewed later, at the individual’s own pace, is what makes the content asynchronous.

Benefits of asynchronous live streaming:

  • The advent of all device video players including mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, has made access to video content even easier
  • Viewers learn at their own pace from the comfort of their office or home, no more problems with scheduling or location
  • Asynchronous streaming content ensures better productivity; since the content is pre-recorded, trainers can fine-tune their training and lesson plans, providing optimal educational value
  • Live streaming promotes diversity of viewpoints and evens the playing field–anyone with access to live streamed content can benefit from the expertise of a business’ best trainers and staff, not just those in the office that day or a chosen few
  • Streaming also helps reduce training costs, cutting down on the need for additional space and staff, letting viewers learn from their current location

Tip #3: Create Branded Video Hubs For Online Training Content

Another feature you’ll get when using expert-level live streamers for your online training solutions is the ability to create your own channels or “hubs” for your content. Video hubs are a way you can organize and display streaming content. Hubs can be branded and customized to your exact needs.

They also help your online training workflow, making it easier for employees to find, identify, and view the right training materials at just the right time.

Various video collaboration tools are available for your livestream

Depending on the service you use for your online training solution, you may have access to many valuable training tools. For example, KKStream offers many live streaming features your HR team may find useful for training and employee engagement, including:

  • Live CMS (content management systems)
  • Customer support
  • Simulive capability – pre-recording your video and then streaming it as if live on a specific day, like at an event
  • Player iFrame – a type of embedded video player
  • Live chat and polling
  • Real time QA for virtual events and more

A Few More Reasons To Switch To Live Streaming For Your Online Training

Here are a few more considerations management and HR professionals may want to consider when thinking about the use of live streaming services for training and other online video communications.

  • Corporate transparency. With remote and hybrid work becoming more the norm, having the ability to share relevant training materials, knowledge, and information with staff is becoming increasingly difficult. Giving employees access to training videos and other materials in secure video hubs is one way to break down the barriers of location.
  • Ability to maximize content for other uses. Professionally created live stream content can be reused or repurposed—edited to create bite-size content to be posted on internal channels, on social media, shared with clients, and more.
  • Better production workflow.  Amateurish video content and live streams are bad for efficiency and productivity. Technical problems like poor resolution, bad audio, and bandwidth issues are a frequent occurrence when using social media or other ad hoc live stream services.

KKStream Has Several Live Streaming Solutions To Help You Create The Best Online Training Videos

KKStream provides robust live streaming technology with scalability, giving you access to powerful desktop and mobile applications, with essential features like content management, video encoding and more. Contact us and hear how you can start using our patented live streaming services to create high resolution online training video content and other communications today.

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