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How to Create and Launch Online Fitness Classes That Make Money

How to Create and Launch Online Fitness Classes That Make Money



It’s no secret that the fitness industry is booming. The industry is adapting to the changing times and lockdown conditions by offering more online, and remote training options as people interested in health and wellness increasingly turn to virtual training classes. If you’re a business owner, fitness coach, or decision-maker in the fitness industry, this is the time to enter the streaming realm, monetize fitness video, and make extra income as you support your fitness habit!

As the growing number of people comfortable with streaming services grows, fitness streaming also grows in popularity. So, what does this mean for you? It means you can turn around the lockdown and social distancing situation that the world finds itself into to an opportunistic chance. The need of the hour is health and wellness; share your knowledge and build your health-oriented business through virtual fitness classes that cater to the needs of your target audience.

The process of monetizing fitness videos may seem like a daunting task to many. We will walk you through creating fitness videos to picking monetization models that fit your content to make good money. Read on.

Step-By-Step Guide On Setting Up A Fitness Class Online

1. Identify Your Niche

First, you’ll need to decide on the type of fitness class you want to create and focus on the reasons why people would want to watch that class of fitness video. For any venture to succeed in the marketplace, it must first understand the market they seek to serve and why that opportunity exists. So, before even setting out to create a fitness video, you must first identify your niche. That is, who your ideal customer is and what problem they are facing that you can help them solve.

Even as you focus on your target market, don’t forget to check out your competition. Competitive research will give you a feel of the industry and help you find ways to set you apart from the competition.

There are many different niche options out there, so it’s important to choose one that corresponds with your skillset and interests. If you’re unsure of the options available, here are a few popular classes that you can stream online: yoga, pilates, cardio, aerobics, strength training, barre, Zumba, and Boot camp.

2. Select Your Monetization Model

Most people will only think about YouTube when video monetization is mentioned. Well, there are several other revenue-generating avenues that you can explore. You might want to monetize your fitness videos through these channels:

  • Subscription-Based Video on Demand (SVOD)– This model offers you a win-win situation. AVOD or ad-supported Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DailyMotion give you an optimum monetization chance. The model allows creators to charge a subscription fee on their content, giving them a chance to generate steady income.
  • Transactional/PPV- Based Video on Demand Model (TVOD)- This model allows users who need to make a one-time fitness video purchase with a limited access period. Such platforms include the Amazon video store, Apple iTunes, etc. It offers immediate income, but it is a challenge converting new customers every other month.
  • Advertising-Based Video on Demand (AVOD)– Most aspiring video creators are pretty familiar with this model. They earn money by running ads before and during their fitness video streams. Such platforms include DailyMotion and YouTube. The platforms can be complex as your content will be subject to their policies, and you will need to create content to rank better in searches constantly.

3. Plan Your Program

Once you’ve chosen the class type, it’s time to start planning out the content. This process includes designing a workout routine, selecting music, and recording video footage. Be sure to make your classes interesting and engaging so that students will keep coming back for more. Here is how you go about it:

  • Brainstorm- List all the ideas you have in mind to help you spur your creativity.
  • Prioritize and refine your ideas- Once all your ideas are listed down, refine your list by prioritizing them. Qualify the ideas to strike out those that don’t gel with the others or fall within your fitness videos’ monetization scope.
  • Have supplemental content- Supplemental content makes the learning process exciting for your fitness viewers, especially if it involves tracking progress. For example, if you create fitness programs on weight loss, you can create supplemental content on weight tracking sheets or diet and eating plans.

4. Set Up Your Platform

Next, you’ll need to set up your landing page and customize it in a way that reflects your style. Also, set up a payment gateway that will allow students to sign up for your classes and pay for them online. You can use popular platforms like PayPal or Stripe to process payments. You might need to set up the communication channels with your audience depending on the platform you go with.

You can set up your own website and be less susceptible to policy changes that most platforms enforce. Use the information you gathered through competitive research to help set up your prices. You can test various price points to find the right price for your program.

5. Launch Your Class

Finally, it’s time to launch your class! You can build your platform or fitness app, ultimately increasing your revenue flow. You can also have downloadable assets like PDFs that customers who require regular workout plans can quickly skim through using their gadgets.

Make sure you market your class well so that people know about it. Use email marketing, social media, and even paid advertising to get the word out. Keep analyzing your results to see how your fitness content is performing in the market and check on opportunities that can help you gain high engagement and drive revenue.

And that’s it! Follow these five simple steps, and you will be able to create online fitness classes that are profitable and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How Do You Make Money Online With Your Fitness Class?

  • Develop your own fitness video app and make it compatible with various devices, including tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles. Have your app on an end-to-end OTT platform that tackles all the backend and puts the potential to make money on your hands.
  • Promote your fitness offerings through social platforms to nurture your online presence and gain a competitive edge. Make sure your social pages and website are up to date and look professional. You can still earn money while driving awareness in the industry.
  • Create downloadable, ready-to-use content to attract self-motivated enthusiasts searching for reference points and earn passive revenue through EBooks.
  • The way to reach a wider audience, both subscribers and non-subscribers, is through live workout sessions. Stream your fitness class sessions live, and with consistency, you will stay connected with a broader target audience group. Free and consistent live sessions will have you reach more people with the potential of bringing you business in the future.
  • Promote fitness products and brands on your platform and earn income through affiliate marketing. This can be branded workout products, fitness supplements, or fitness trackers and watches.
  • Host workshops and offer online training courses as an advisory expert on specific fitness areas like nutrition or “how-to” sessions. This way, you can network with other fitness professionals to learn from their experiences and grow your audience.
  • Be passionate about fitness and health and stay up to date on the latest trends in the fitness industry. Record your workouts and demonstrate balanced nutrition. This is key if you want people to take you seriously as a fitness streaming professional.

Top 3 Fitness Video Streaming Trends Into The Future

  • Interactive Workout Innovations

While the pandemic side-tracked most sectors of the economy, it fast-tracked innovations in technology. Digital fitness has become the norm, with the biggest determinant of how successful one is being the quality of content they provide. Expect more innovations in live and virtual experiences like holographic technology and interactive, augmented reality workouts that get the participant fully immersed.

  • Integrated Fitness Experience

There is a growing demand for seamless experiences in digital fitness. That is an experience that combines on-demand, live, and virtual in-club classes. Fitness experts will need to keep a keen eye on trends and popularity of classes, which is vital in maintaining workout schedules fresh and relevant to the target audience. Expect to see more goals aimed at bridging the gap between the physical and digital world of fitness.

  • IoT and Wearable Device

At the height of the pandemic came an increased need to build at-home gyms. This led fitness organizations to get creative with fitness technology and devices that supported home fitness to try and stay afloat. In 2022 and beyond, expect to see an increase in the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. These can track the wearer’s exercise activities and stream their workouts.

IoT fitness takes it a notch further with video conferencing technology, allowing users to use their smartwatches to join virtual workout environments. The expectation is that there will be more robust alternatives and solutions for virtual fitness classes.

The Benefit Of Creating Fitness Classes Online

  1. If you are an expert in this field of fitness, you have an opportunity to showcase your caliber-rated fitness skills. You can also use the platform to shape your health-routine ideologies that potential viewers love. Sharing your skilled knowledge online can help you transform from a trainer to an industry fitness expert.
  2. Streaming customized fitness content videos allow you to reach a larger audience and connect with fitness enthusiasts worldwide with your fitness content.
  3. Monetizing fitness videos is easier than ever before. With platforms like YouTube and Twitch, you can make money from your workouts by including revenue-generating avenues like ads or selling subscriptions. This can be a great way to make extra income and support your fitness habit.

The Road To Monetizing Your Fitness Videos

The truth is, building a successful fitness platform online is no walk in the park. However, with the help of technology and industry gurus with the know-how to build media verticals and reach wider audiences in this connected world, the journey will get easier. Contact KKStream for everything a brand needs to build a successful online fitness platform.

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