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USD $4,788

2 user accounts

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Storage Capacity


(200GB encoding included)

CDN Capacity



10 live hours

1 concurrent livestream

USD $9,588

5 user accounts

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Storage Capacity


(400GB encoding included)

CDN Capacity



20 live hours

5 concurrent livestreams

USD $17,988

Unlimited user accounts

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Storage Capacity


(1,000GB encoding included)

CDN Capacity



50 live hours

10 concurrent livestreams


Tailor-made for enterprises

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Storage Capacity

Fully customizable including all features from all plans

CDN Capacity


**If your usage exceeds your plan limit, we will charge a tiered overage for each pricing component. Learn more in Pricing Details.
**Pricing above excludes taxes. You will be taxed according to the country where you purchased from or where your organization is registered in.

All Plans Include


  1. Ultra-low latency
  2. 4K Livestream
  3. Simulive
  4. Live-to-VOD
  5. Chatroom & Live Polls

Encoding & Delivery

  1. Per-title Encoding
  2. Perceptual Streaming Engine
  3. H.265 Codecs
  4. Faster Encoding Queue
  5. CDN Delivery
  6. Unlimited Viewers (Live and VOD)
  7. ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Streaming

Player & Experience

  1. Up to 4K quality
  2. Customizable Player
  3. Customizable Showroom
  4. Player iFrame & SDK
  5. Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Content Protection

  1. DRM Protection
  2. Token Authentication
  3. Domain Control
  4. Geo-blocking
  5. Watermark

Management & support

  1. Video CMS
  2. Video Metadata
  3. Usage Reports & Analytics
  4. User Permissions
  5. Standard Customer Support
  6. 24/7 Premium Customer Service (Add-On)
  7. Live Event Support  (Add-On)

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Frequently asked questions

What can I do with BlendVision One?
BlendVision One is a cloud-based, all-in-one video platform for businesses and developers. You can upload and encode video files into streamable content over the internet, hold an online live event such as a live concert or live classes, host and manage a large number of multimedia files in one place, and deliver video across the globe to every screen via 4K UHD live streaming or VOD. BlendVision serves a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, sports, education, corporate communication, and online fitness.
Can I add additional usage based on my pricing plan at any time?
Yes, you can. We want to support the growth of your business. If you exceed your allocated plan limits, instead of immediately stopping the service you are using, we will charge you an overage fee as per plans. If you are regularly exceeding the plan limits, we recommend upgrading your plan to accommodate more usage. Please contact us to help you choose the most cost-effective plan.
Can I try BlendVision One before subscribing to the service?
Certainly! We understand the importance of trying out any product before making a purchase.  Please feel free to contact us for more information. We offer consultations and demos to help you determine if our product is right for you.
What are content protection options available under each pricing plan?
We value your content and are dedicated to protecting it. That's why we offer a wide range of content protection options, including token authentication, DRM, domain restriction, geo-blocking, and watermarking. These options are available with all of our plans.
What is the highest video quality under each pricing plan?
Our service allows you to encode and stream videos at up to 4K UHD resolution, regardless of your pricing tier.

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