如何運用 AI 實現高效的企業內訓和新人 Onboarding?
How to Use AI to Achieve Efficient Employee Training and Learning and Development (L&D)?

How to Use AI to Achieve Efficient Employee Training and Learning and Development (L&D)?



In the rapidly-changed market, employee training and development or learning and development (L&D) have become an indispensable part of corporate operations. Whether it's training for new employees or in-house corporate training, education not only helps employees enhance their professional skills and knowledge but also facilitates personal growth and improvement in work skills. However, with the expansion of businesses and organizational adjustments, Human Resources (HR) departments, or Learning and Development (L&D) departments must continually update their educational materials and training manuals for new employees to meet the onboarding training needs of new hires and the ongoing education of existing staff.

With the popularity of online learning, companies are beginning to use 'online teaching platforms' to build and optimize training for new employees, making training more convenient, flexible, and extensive. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is also changing traditional employee training.

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms in Remote Work

With the outbreak of the pandemic, new work models like WFH (Work From Home), remote work, and online meetings have become more prevalent, leading many companies to consider moving their new employee training and corporate training platforms online. However, with an range of options for online platforms, L&D staffs face new challenges:

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms 1 - Security and Privacy Issues:

  • Protecting confidential information is crucial for businesses, but not all online training platforms can provide high standards of data security.

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms 2 - Content Not Updated in Real-Time:

  • As the business environment and market change rapidly, training content needs continuous updates, but maintaining and updating online training content is a challenge.

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms 3 - Hard to Search Complexed Data:

  • Companies may have a large amount of training material and resources, but lack effective management and retrieval systems, making it difficult for employees to find the information they need.

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms 4 - Lack of Interactivity:

  • Many online platforms only offer one-way learning experiences without enough interactive elements to actively engage employees, which can lead to poor learning outcomes.

Challenges of Online L&D Education and Training Platforms 5 - Insufficient Personalized Training:

  • Each employee's learning needs and progress differ, but traditional online training is often one-size-fits-all, lacking personalized training programs tailored to individual differences.

Enterprise Employee Training and Development Platform: BlendVision 

BlendVision is specially designed for enterprises, making it easy to build a dedicated employee development and training video platform. Whether it's training for new employees or internal staff training, you can easily upload and edit your video content.

No-code, Easy-to-Set-Up Platform:

  • Video uploading and setup can be done in minutes, enabling non-technical staff to quickly build and deploy.

Powerful CMS (Content Management System):

  • A simple yet powerful content management backend, easy to upload, and manage your video content.

Easy Permission Management:

  • Manage file access permissions in one place, creating tailored training course lists for newcomers and veteran employees.

White-label Player:

  • Enterprises can set their brand identity logo, not only conveying a professional brand image but also protecting intellectual property rights.

Comprehensive Integration Services:

  • Video transcoding, uploading, streaming servers, CDN, DRM, video hosting, integration – all integration needs covered in one step.

Meets Various Device Viewing Needs:

  • Enjoy a smooth viewing experience on websites, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Smooth and Stable Viewing Experience:

  • BlendVision has served the over one million user OTT platform of a major Japanese telecommunications company, offering up to 99.98% SLA-level stability.

AI Empowerment in eLearning! Transform the traditional one-way journey into an easily created, two-way interactive experience

With a good platform, having a good learning interactive experience is important. To manage courses uniformly, HR records the course content for future individuals to watch at any time. However, some courses last several hours, and searching for a specific topic in a course always involves opening videos and replaying them. This back-and-forth search is not only time-consuming but also cannot accurately find the needed answers.

In response to these challenges, some solutions have already emerged in the market. For example, BlendVision AiSK is an interactive tool specifically for corporate online learning platforms. Based on Large Language Model (LLM), it offers the following features:

Cloud Storage Integration:

  • Centralized management of files, videos, and course recordings from different platforms for easy retrieval.

Voice-to-Text and Semantic Search:

  • Improve search efficiency, quickly locate relevant content without needing precise keywords, and attach original data links.

Knowledge Management Platform:

  • Create a dedicated knowledge base for enterprises, find accurate answers through conversational AI, and promote knowledge sharing and reuse.

Security and Privacy:

  • High-standard data security protection to ensure that corporate data is not used for model training or any form of data sharing, preventing leakage of confidential information.

Whenever employees enter a question, BlendVision AiSK instantly searches the question within the corporate database (including videos, documents, audio, supporting various file types) uploaded by the company. As shown in the image, during new employee training, if an employee forgets information about parental leave, they simply need to enter 'latest regulations on parental leave.' AiSK will automatically search for all documents and video materials mentioning 'parental leave' and organize them in detail, along with relevant links.

Image: Employees can chat with AiSK to get their answers immediately

The powerful search and retrieval capabilities of BlendVision AiSK not only enable employees to quickly locate the information they need but also allow HR to effectively filter and manage training content amidst vast amounts of data. Additionally, AiSK offers a two-way interactive learning environment through conversational AI. This design not only makes new employee training or internal corporate training more engaging and interesting but also greatly enhances employee learning engagement and effectiveness. Employees can ask questions and receive personalized responses and suggestions from AiSK, making the learning process more personalized and interactive.

For any requirements in setting up an employee training and learning & development (L&D) platform, please contact BlendVision.

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